Extract library

Extract library

The Extract Library is a unique collection of over 2,200 extracts of Dutch horticultural crops suitable for use in various industries including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and the fragrances, colouring and flavouring industries.

Interested parties can screen extracts for bioactive substances and/or required molecules. Screenings can be done at the facilities of your own company or through our cooperation partners.

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Extracts and plant materials

Plant types


Plant materials: 2,245

  • From one crop: 1-3 plant materials, e.g. leaves, roots …



  • Crude: 2,240
  • Cleaned*: 2,240

*Crude extracts from which sugars, fatty acids, bio-polymers, salts, amino acids and tannins have been removed


  • Crude: 96-well plates with 80 extracts per plate
  • Cleaned: 384-well plates with 80 extracts per plate

Database public information


  • Known compounds
  • (Traditional) use
  • Edibility
  • Bioactivity
  • Toxicity



  • Various regulations
  • Plant Breeder’s Rights
  • Patents

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