Extract Library

The Extract Library is a unique collection of over 2,200 extracts of Dutch horticultural crops suitable for use in various industries including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and the fragrances, colouring and flavouring industries.

Interested parties can screen extracts for bioactive substances and/or required molecules. Screenings can be done at the facilities of your own company or through our cooperation partners.

The Extract Library provides a platform for companies and research institutes as well as for growers and plant breeding companies to develop commercial applications of plant compounds on the basis of plant extracts. This efficiently organises the screening, validation, growing and extraction of plant compounds.

The Dutch horticultural sector has invested in collecting a unique and diverse collection of extracts from more than 1,200 plants grown on a commercial basis, such as vegetables, flowers, trees, bulbs, and potted plants. The Library consists of approximately 2,500 crude and cleaned extracts which can be tested at client facilities or through the partners of the Centre of Expertise for Plant Compounds. The Extract Library will be expanded continuously with new plant species, plant parts and other organisms such as bacteria, fungi and algae.

The Extract Library offers:

  • The world’s largest collection of plant extracts based on commercial breeds.
  • Plant materials of 2,240 elements (leaves, stems, roots, tubers, bulbs, etc.) from approximately 1,200 plant species, the vast majority from different genetic families.
  • Monitoring and registration of growth and harvest of plants to ensure that comparable plants and extracts can be resupplied when needed.
  • Raw and cleaned extracts. In the cleaned extracts, compounds such as salts, proteins, fatty acids, carbohydrates and tannins are removed, as these may interfere with pharmaceutical and agrochemical screens. An extract protocol is available.
  • Extracts available in tubes, 96-well and 384-well plate formats, which are directly compatible with screening methods in the different industries.
  • Extracts compliant with the regulatory requirements of the different industries.



The Extract library is available for:

  • Parties that want to screen bioactive compounds with their own bioassays;
  • Parties that want to analyse extracts for the presence of specific compounds;
  • Parties that can deliver additional plant material to be added as extract to the library.

We welcome your suggestions for other uses of the Extract Library.

More information about our partner opportunities and terms? Contact Leon Mur: leon.mur@plantenstoffen.nl

A unique collection of over 2,200 extracts of Dutch horticultural crops.