Revealing the power of plants. Together.

Public-private partnerships

The ambition of the horticultural sector is to build new, sustainable business models with high quality plant compounds. In doing so, the sector responds to the demand of plant based ingredients from industries such as pharma, ...

The world of plants consists of over 100,000 plant compounds. The compounds offer endless possibilities – most still largely unknown. They can be used as resource for a wide range of products, such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, crop protection and flavour and fragrance compounds. The large biodiversity of the Dutch agricultural sector makes it an appealing source and supplier of plant compounds to commercial partners who are looking for natural ingredients for their products. The Centre of Expertise for Plant Compounds initiates and facilitates the development of new commercial applications for plant compounds.

Greenport region

The Amazon of Europe

The Netherlands is a global leader in horticulture. With over a hundreds of thousands of cultivated plant species the biodiversity in the region is enormous. Because each plant can contain tens of thousands of different compounds, the total number of plant compounds being grown in the sector runs into the hundreds of thousands. These plant compounds contain active elements that can play a role in innovative solutions with regard to issues of health, green chemistry and crop protection and the transition to a bio-based economy.